Hello and welcome everybody! My name is Ada and this is my personal blog! I start blogging because I wanted something that represent me the most! So, here I am, my passions are part and represents the blog, you can found here post regarding:

  • Travel– who doesn’t love to travel ?! At this point I have been on 3 continents, I have lived in 5 countries: Romania, Portugal, U.S, Iceland, U.K and currently living in Canada, also I had visit others countries and cities; if you are curios check the posts and found out more!!!
  • Photography- This passion acutely starts the blog, I take many pictures and I wanted to show them raw, with no editing or just a basic one, but not only like visual, but with a story behind!
  • Food–  I also love to cook, finding this on relaxing passion. At this point I didn’t focus so munch on this aspect because I was more catch in eating then writing about :)) I will definitely take some measure about it! But like an excuse, on my post they are picture with food for sure, I am a foodie!

If any of this are also yours passion be free to discover more with my posts! Enjoy it!

With love AdaExplore!

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