Deep inside of Liverpool

History is part of us, is our past, present, and future…You open your eyes to see the history near you?!  Today will explore some insides of the city; some of them might surprise.

A good day starts with a beautiful sunrise and enthusiasm for exploring!


by Ada@

by Ada@

The first stop will be at the World Museum!  It is a large museum in Liverpool, England, which has extensive collections covering archaeology, ethnology, and the natural and physical sciences. Unique attractions include the Natural History Centre and a free Planetarium.

by Ada@

It was an excellent experience, especially to see many kids being there and discover the BIG WORLD!

Outside a  big old building and inside wow a modern look with :

  • Wi-Fi access throughout the building, plus 150 computers and iPads
  • A game area with free to use Xbox 360
  • A stunning space for children to discover books
  • 15,000 rare books in the Hornby Library, Oak Room, and Picton Reading Room

Spectacular views from the roof terrace and meeting rooms to hire out, you can be lost for days in such a place…Hope to discover more libraries like this in my travels!

           by Ada@

Let’s see what else we can find around the city!

by Ada@

by Ada@


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