Joyful Life!


by Ada@

OK… It is all done,Christmas is over,  and 2 more days and this year will be done too…  a New Year is at the door, are you ready?!

But let see, how my Icelandic Christmas was: short, of course …I like that magic that you can fell it in those days, but always disappear to soon; our social life destroy the spirit, this is the truth …Too bad

I spend my time trying something new, here in Iceland. I am in a small town in the south part of the island, called Hveragerdi or the capital of the “hot spring” and in the zone you find many hot tubs or hot pools. I try the hot tub, it is a very good way to relax and also to have fun  with friends having  a bear or a glass of something strong 🙂

Having fun in the snow like a kid it is wonderful! , Joy with some nonspeaking friends, that’s the spirit !

by Ada@

Why not, also I had to try the famous  Icelandic lamb, and what a good surprise so tasty and delicious, and I don’t eat at all lamb…And I had the opportunity to cooked myself… Well, [ADA]Explore the Icelandic cuisine, it will be a delight :)!

by Ada@

The most important thing, it is  that I spend time with the most important people in my life and I thank them for encourages me to do this!

So, are you ready for the next year? I am for sure, can wait [ADA]Explore more!!!

Happy New Year !

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