Reykjavik, a great city


by Ada@

What a wonderful surprise !!! I discover a city that is electric,vibrant and ready to be explore.

I said that, because this weekend I went in Reykjavík,  the capital of Iceland for a short escape :d

I didn’t want to spend my time in museums, even is winter and days are shorter …I will keep that in mind for a next trip. I just walk on the streets and  I was in touch with vibe of this city, full of tourist who was running to see as much is possible… The shops call you inside to buy the Icelandic handcrafts and the restaurants invite you to taste the famous food!

I have to admit that is impossible to not go inside bars, especial when is Happy Hour …YUUHUUU  because this exist here, also…Just in case you wonder, in Iceland the alcohol is so expensive so you don’t want to miss it!!!

The Christmas spirit is all around… If you remember the Yule Lads, you might see them if you look careful at the corner of the buildings and take care it is somebody else looking at you,Yule Cat, a beast that, according to folklore, eats children who don’t receive new clothes for Christmas !

So you need a pair of good shoes, a warm jacket and keep your eyes open to look and jump to [Ada]EXPLORE the city life!


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