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And because it is December, the month of the year that everybody wait for it …You know presents, lights, family time, Christmas tree,  hot chocolate,  the smell of the cinnamon …. and, of course, that magic in the air that you feel it only in December!!!

I will not be home, for Christmas so I  try to adapt to a different culture, with different traditions . So, I discover JOLASVEINAR that means Yule Lads or the Icelandic version for Santa Claus ( however this have a little to do with that)

In Icelandic folklore, they are descended from trolls and they number varied in old times from one region to another and know their number is 13…The lucky number in so many countries!!! Actually this number was first seen in a a poem about the Lads’ mother,GRYLA, were published by Jon Arnason in his folklore collection in 1862.

Their names translate it in english are quite funny and they are begin to come to town one by one on 12 December till Christmas Eve…The Yule Lads were originally portrayed as being mischievous, or even criminal, pranksters who would steal from, or in other way harass the population (at the time mostly rural farmers).In modern times the Yule Lads have been depicted as taking on a more benevolent role, like given presents.

So what you will said if you get 13 presents till Christmas, sounds goooood:)))!!!

The first it is SHEEP- COTE-CLOD or Stekkjastaur, who tries to drink the milk from the farmers; on 13 Dec. GULLY GAWK  or Giljagaur visits and he would sneak into the cow-shed.  The 14 Dec. turn up STUBBY or Stufur or  PAN-SCRAPER because he scraps of food off the pans; the day of 15th is for SPOON-LICKER or Tvorusleikir and guess what he is doing… he steal the wooden spoons that have been used for stirring. On 16th the POT- LICKER or Pottasleikir and he tries to snatch unwashed pots and licks them, on 17th arrives BOWL- LICKER or Askasleikir  he hides under beds and if someone puts the wooden food-bowl on the floor, of course licks it clean.

The DOOR-SLAMMER or Hurdaskellir visit on 18 Dec. and he is awfully noisy, keeping people awake by slamming doors,  the Yule of 19th is SKYR GOBBLER or Skyrgamur and he loves the skyr ( Icelandic yogurt)  so much, then he is eating all.The SAUSAGE SWIPER or BJUGNAKRAKIR on the 20 Dec. comes and steals all kinds of sausage, 21th is the day for WINDOW-PEEPER or Gluggagagir stealing toys he likes the looks of. On 22 DOORWAY- SNIFFER  or Gattatefur, with the big nose arrives and still the cakes for himself. 2 more : the MEAT- HOOK or Ketkrokur on 23 and he adores meat and the last to came is CANDLE- BEGGAR or Kertasnikir on Christmas Eve, because the candle were rare and precious that was a treat for children to be given a candle.

I wish you, to like this and [ADA]EXPLORE a new kind of traditions that we are used to!


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