Icelandic Handcraft

                                                                                             by Ada@

I just started a new adventure in Iceland! A country that makes me very curious about, and I can barely wait to know her… at least a little bit…

A few days ago, I’ve been to Selfoss, a small city in Iceland, and a small shop drew my eyes. It is a shop where you can see how 2 women are making the “Lopapeysa” or Icelandic sweater and more other beautiful things.

All of this brought back my winter childhood memories, when my grandmother was making for me, my brother and my cousins sweaters, socks that we call them ” ciupici” and hats called them “piticot”:)) I wish to have some pictures of them, but then I was too small to discover this hobby: Photo:))! The difference between my grandmother sweaters and these Icelandic ones it is only the colors and the wool, and maybe this is more updated to market demands.

Sometimes you can be Home just if you find somethings that bring back memories and you find yourself smiling!

Hope that make you to[ADA] Explore more!

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